Year 4 became Commentators!

Date: 17th June 2020

By: Admin St James

Category: Creativity, Drama, English, Home Learning, I.T., Performance, Reading, Virtual School, Writing, Year 4

Last week, Madrid and Rome were learning about play script writing. They began the week by looking at and identifying the many features and rules of scripts, such as new speaker – new line, setting descriptions, character descriptions and no speech marks. They were also adding new dialogue and scenes to existing scripts to practise implementing these features. All of the children worked so hard on grasping these important aspects and this shows in the work that they produced throughout the week! They put what they knew to the test for Friday’s task of creating their very own ‘Commentator’s Script’ to act out and read alongside a sporting moment or event of their choice. This also included their own character list and descriptions as well as a setting description. 

Below you can see the stepping stones we took each day on this learning journey and also celebrate some of the fantastic work that has been produced!


Day 1 of scripts: Identifying key features.








Day 2 of scripts: Extending a script using key features.





















Day 3 of scripts: Creating a character list and setting description for our own scripts!
























Day 4 of scripts: Writing and performing!














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