To Invention and Beyond…

What a creative bunch we have in Year 1! Last week’s topic of inventions has certainly sparked imaginations and scientific thinking in our learners.

The whole school were tasked with having to create an invention to solve a problem and we had some very good ideas that might feature in future episodes of Dragons’ Den.

Here are a few of the inventions we received:

We also did some research tasks into famous inventors and discovered that the Wright Brothers invented the first aeroplane with their first flight in 1903. Well what better way to experiment with aerodynamics than to make our own paper aeroplanes and test how they they fly.

Talking about flying, we also researched Leonardo da Vinci’s invention of the parachute. The children were tasked with creating or designing a parachute for a lego toy/teddy whilst thinking carefully about what materials would be best and why.

We have even been inventing some new food recipes ranging from ice cream to cakes…lots of children with a sweet tooth in Year 1 by the looks of it.


To finish our invention themed week, we have been thinking about what the greatest invention of all time is. We were expecting lots of mention of toys, which is great, but we suspect the children had lots of thoughtful discussions as we had answers of electricity, wheels, traffic lights and the list could go on.


Well done Year 1 for your continued hard work!



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