God created you to do amazing things (Ephesians 2:10) 

Date: 3rd July 2020

By: Mrs Fakorede

Category: Achievement, Art, Celebration, Creativity, Design, English, History, Home Learning, Science, Year 3

During our recent project ‘Inventions and Beyond’  Year 3 showed us just how amazing they are! Having used a range of sources to gather information about different inventions they set about designing their own! 



They then used the research they carried out and the information collated to write a Non – Chronological Report, including key features such as a title, introductory paragraph, subheadings, paragraphs of information, pictures/photographs, written in the third person, bullet points, fun facts box etc. 

Finn’s non – chronological Report

Towards the end of the week we set Year 3 the challenge to reflect on the different types of boats/ships that have been invented, what they are used for and the different parts that able them to move and float.  

We set 3 levels of challenge to choose from. 

1) To make a boat that floats. 

2) To make a boat that floats and carries a small load. 

3) To make a boat that floats, carries a small load and has a power source! 






Jack’s video



Georgie’s boat


Flynn’s video 2


Flynn’s video 1


Our final challenge of the week was to make a balloon car! 




Thomas Edison is famously quoted as saying ‘All you need to be an inventor is a good imagination and a pile of junk!’ and Year 3 children certainly proved this to be true!   

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