Year Four’s Shape Hunt

Date: 7th July 2020

By: Mr Slattery

Category: Creativity, Maths, Outdoor learning, Virtual School, Year 4

Last Monday, Year 4’s learning was a little bit different.  Usually the children are their normal, brilliant selves.  But on Monday, they had to be… secret agents!

Not only were they sent a special mission to decode Copper’s secret message, but they also had to go on a top secret hunt.  This was not any hunt, but a shape hunt!

It proved to be an absolutely fascinating piece of learning.  It started with revision of the properties of shapes, knowledge that was key for the mission to take place.  From there, our detectives were let loose!  Hunts took place in corridors, in classrooms, in bedrooms, on roads and even at the beach!

Who knew that there were so many shapes all around us.  The children did a fantastic job finding such a variety of shapes and, I am delighted to say, completed the mission successfully!

Shape Hunt (1) Shape maths hunt 2020

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