Virtual Open Morning Live!

Date: 8th November 2020

By: Mr Brown

Category: Community, Hope, I.T., Parents, Questioning, Teamwork, Whole school

On Saturday 7th November, we held our first ever Virtual Open Morning Live over t’internet.  We’re very grateful to those lovely families who accommodated us and turned up to watch, preventing the embarrassing spectacle of us broadcasting into the ether…  For those who were unable to make it, we have recorded the first section of the broadcast and attach a link below so you can access the same information, meet the same people and decide which of us is the least like a CBeebies presenter should be….!

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  1. Patricia Gibson says

    9th November 2020 at 12:19 pm

    Congratulations! An excellent insight into the wonderful world of education at St James. Lucky children!

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