Printing with Play-Dough!

Date: 3rd February 2021

By: Admin St James

Category: Art, Creativity, Design, Practical learning, Year 5

Last term, Year 5 were learning about repeated patterns and how these are created through various methods of printing. The children first began practising simple patterns using shape and line and taking inspiration from both natural and man-made items. These included leaves, animal print and even computer circuits! They created so many brilliant designs in their art sketch books. Have a look at some of these below…

Year 5 then used this understanding to draw a final simpler design that they could easily etch into a material to begin the printing process. We decided to use play-dough, enough for 60 children… we have never seen so much in our lives and they absolutely loved it! They started by etching their pattern into the dough using various tools, then lightly painted on the top of this to begin printing. Here are the results, it truly was an experience that will be etched into our minds forever!


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