Eager Explorers

This half term, Year One have fully immersed themselves into our ‘Explorers’ project. We have been so proud of all the children, both at home and at school. The work they have produced has been wonderful and we have loved seeing their photographs and videos On Tapestry.  

The children have learnt all about an extraordinary lady, Amy Johnson. Amy, was the first female pilot to fly solo from London to Australia in 1930.  

We wrote questions about what we wanted to find out about Amy and used google, Alexa, non- fiction books and other sources for our research to produce some fabulous fact sheets. 




Did you know we have some wonderful storytellers in Year 1? Take a look at their adventure stories that they planned and wrote! 

We all know that every good explorer needs a compass. We loved that the children used their imagination and creativity to design and make their own. 


A map is also an essential item on an explorers list…

Impressively, the children enjoyed using Purple Mash to design a flag and type a sentence about a destination they would like to visit. They also designed planes and portraits of Amy Johnson. 

Next week, we shall be learning about another famous explorer… Christopher Columbus.  Then, for the finale to our project, we are looking forward to an ‘Explorers Day’ (on the last day of term) where we shall be dressing up as an explorer. Also, we are very excited to be inviting a special guest speaker to join one of our lessons; Mr. Nimmo, who is not only one of our lovely parents at St James’ but also a pilot! We can’t wait to find out more about his role!  

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