Letters to make a lasting difference

Date: 23rd February 2021

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: Community, Eco, English, Geography, Virtual School, Writing, Year 5

Year 5 were putting our writing skills to good use before half term by campaigning for more sustainable food in our local restaurants, shops and homes. We learnt some pretty shocking statistics like the fact that we throw away a third of all our food here in the UK and that it creates 50 times as many greenhouse gases to produce 1kg of beef than 1kg of vegetables! Shocking, eh? Fired up by our learning, we thought about ways that we could use more local, sustainable, seasonal foods and even created our own delicious menus.

We then wrote  letters to spread the word about sustainable food and the benefits for all of us and we think the results are pretty persuasive! In the words of a famous supermarket, ‘Every little helps‘ and we hope that this will persuade a few people to make some small changes to save the planet and the future for all of us. Watch out, world, Year 5 are on the case!


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