Mad about mosaics!

Date: 5th March 2021

By: Miss Bowen

Category: Achievement, Art, Creativity, Design, History, Home Learning, Independence, Virtual School, Year 3

This half term in Year 3 our learning is all focused on The Romans. This week our art focus was all about mosaics!

So what is a mosaic? What is the history?

Romans loved to use mosaics for decoration, particularly on floors. Mosaics are made from tiny coloured stones called tesserae which are arranged to make different pictures and patterns. Tesserae were stuck to mortar (a kind of cement) to keep the stones in place.

Mosaics were used for lots of different purposes. Some were used to show how rich the owner was. Most mosaics could be bought ready-made but if you were rich you could have the mosaics made for you in your home and they could be more personalised.

Other mosaics were made to show important historical events. Lots of mosaics have been found from the Roman empire. There are over 2000 that have been found in Britain alone!

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  1. Mrs Argent says

    5th March 2021 at 10:35 am

    Wonderful mosaic patterns. Well done!

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