The Irrigation Game

Date: 22nd April 2021

By: Miss Martin

Category: Creativity, Design, Eco, Geography, History, Outdoor learning, Uncategorised, Year 6

Year 6 have been studying the Shang Dynasty and looking how they transformed farming and agriculture. To explore this we built our own irrigation channels to take water from the top of our ‘field’ to our ‘crops’. We had to think of the angles, depth and the pattern of the channels to explore which would distribute the water best.  We then tested the channels and watched how the water traveled across our ‘fields’.

We also studied dragon/oracle bones and the different calligraphy and symbols that were used to predict the future. We created our own oracle bone and used symbols to ask a question to the Gods. We then interpreted what we thought the cracks in our oracle bones meant.

To make use of the compost we used for irrigation channels, we are going to transform the planters outside of the Year 6 classrooms into a sunflower plot. We have trowels and watering cans at the ready for our green-fingered year group to begin their gardening journey. We are so excited to watch them grow!

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