St. James’ Election 2021…

Date: 24th May 2021

By: Mr Slattery

Category: British Values, English, Questioning, Teamwork, Whole school, Writing, Year 6

Wednesday 26th May.

Wellbeing Party.  Life Party.  Green Eco Party.  Education Party.

Who wins?  You decide…

Well well well!  It’s that time again, time for one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the St. James’ calendar… election night!

So far, is has been a fantastic project.  The children have had to apply to work as part of their chosen party, devise the all important policies that will form the basis of their campaign, write persuasive letters to their teachers and Mr. Payne (gulp!) to gain approval for their polices and then use this to write their manifestos, before working in teams to create their campaigns.  For this, each party member has been given different roles; we’ve had leaders to speech writers, graphic designers to website creators, publicity teams to canvassers – you name it, we’ve had it!

These manifestos have detailed the policies each party proposes to help to make St. James’ an even better place.  At the beginning of this half term, Mr. Payne had addressed each class in person to talk about the power of this project and how each and every child has an opportunity for change and to create a legacy for future generations at St. James’.  The children responded so passionately and have really thrown themselves into the team building element this project offers.  It has been a delight to behold.

Of course, this is all done in preparation for election night, which takes place on Wednesday 26th May for 24 hours.  Before this, you will all be able to see the videos, speeches, websites and manifestos for each party before casting your vote.  The children will also be leading assembly on Tuesday 25th May to share their ideas with the rest of the school and give their voters the opportunity to answer any questions they may have.

This all forms part of the learning we have done this half term about politics, democracy, debates and global issues and movements (such as the Black Lives Matter protests).  And, just for good measure, a bit of geographical learning about Brexit too!

So, get out your diaries and pen in Wednesday 26th May.  The St. James’ Election.  Which party wins?

…YOU decide!

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  1. Sarah Dixon says

    26th May 2021 at 3:18 pm

    Vote life!

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