Tea-riffic temperatures

Date: 11th June 2021

By: Miss Martin

Category: Maths, Practical learning, Science, Year 6

Us teachers are SO sick of drinking cold tea and coffee!! So, we set Year 6s the challenge of finding the best cup to keep our drinks hot!

We set up thermometers in three different types of cups: Miss Martin/Mr Slattery’s flasks, Costa coffee cups and a normal coffee mugs.

We collected the temperature of the water across 14 minutes, then we set out to present the data for the teachers using a line graph!

When learning all about statistics, we began with collecting data, then presenting data and finally interpreting the data.

We covered bar charts, line graphs and moved onto the more tricky pie charts!!

Presenting data in a pie chart means the tricky business of working out what angle is needed to represent the percentage of each result.

To create pie charts we used the results from the recent Year 6 election. Some of us created bar charts to show the final votes for each party, some created a bar chart to show the votes from each class and some of us created a bar chart to present the data for each year group.

Santiago and Bogota did so well to take ownership of what information they wanted to present and set to creating their own bar charts to represent each piece of information.

Well done Year 6! Marvellous mathematicians!

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