Calshot, who?

Date: 9th July 2021

By: Miss Martin

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What. A. WEEK!

With the sad news that Calshot could not take place this year, we sprung into action to make a week that Year 6 would never forget. A week to challenge themselves, make memories and to bond as a year group one last time before they head off on their next adventures.  And what a fantastic, brilliant, unforgettable week it truly was….

On Monday, we spent the day with an artist creating a mural that would live on at St. James’, long after our Year 6s have left us. This took lots of time and patience creating the felt by hand and working as a team to put together the different ideas, thus creating the end piece of our ‘Legacy’ topic.

On Tuesday, we went swinging sky high on the high ropes at GoApe in Moors Valley. We challenged ourselves to get across the obstacle course in the sky without falling! What an exhilarating day!! We also enjoyed a venture around the adventure trail. Sadly, we did not time for ice cream that day…so a special vehicle came to meet us at King’s Park on the Thursday!!

On Wednesday, we were WOWed by a magician who made us really believe that magic might actually be possible! We also had a carousel activity afternoon, scaling a mighty high climbing wall and learning from professionals how to dance and act… all in the hopes of challenging our inner actors for our end of year production.

On Thursday, we went head to head at King’s Park with an inter-house sports competition! We played rounders, football and handball then we took part in team and individual races! A surprise pizza party really went down a treat with the tired bunch, not to mention the ice-cream man that miraculously appeared!

On Friday, we took to the slopes! We were taught skiing skills from professionals as Miss Martin and Mr Slattery certainly weren’t up for the job! Minus a few sore bottoms, Year 6 had the most amazing day, challenging themselves to learning new skills.  Not to mention the EPIC adventure park that we all had loads of fun in!

Year 6 showed resilience, camaraderie, team work and kindness towards each other throughout the whole week! We, as teachers, couldn’t be more proud of our incredible Year 6 team! They have really deserved this. Well done for a fantastic week Year 6.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of our parent helpers, visitors and event coordinators who we couldn’t have pulled this off without!! Thank you!

Please enjoy scrolling through our memories below! IMG_2007


IMG_9628 IMG_9630 IMG_9643 IMG_9650

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  1. Jo Keeping says

    18th July 2021 at 9:50 pm

    Wow! Fantastic photos, what a fab group of year 6’s ?