There is no Planet B!

Over the course of our ‘Land vs Sea’ project, the children of Year 2 have been learning about the impact of plastic pollution. Very quickly it became clear that they were outraged by how this issue affects sea creatures and our planet. Many had seen some of the evidence of plastic waste and littering on our own beaches.

We decided that enough was enough and we had to help any way we could! So, Year 2 organised and staged a protest allowing their voices to be heard. It was certainly a memorable experience with children stating after the event that they felt passionate, strong and powerful. Here is a sample of the protest.

“Clean the sea, there is no Planet B!”


If you would like to help support your little eco-warrior then you could:

  • Go litter picking in your local area and on our beaches.
  • Avoid buying and using single-use plastic by making simple swaps for reusable alternatives.
  • Refill and reuse!
  • Write a letter to your local MP to find out what more can be done in our area!

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