Music Then and Now!

Date: 29th September 2021

By: Miss Cutler

Category: Art, Creativity, Language, Music, Practical learning, Questioning, Reflection, Spirituality, Year 5

Year 5’s topic this half term is Music Then and Now. To start this off, we have begun by exploring music across the decades and learning some technical musical language to describe various musical pieces. We then looked at how music can be made with our bodies using body percussion! The children even had the opportunity to create their very own music using their bodies. This was brilliant!

Although, our most exciting lesson by far has been our combined Art and Music session! In this lesson, we learnt that music can be represented and explored in a variety of different forms, such as notation, dance, lines and dots and art. We started off by listening to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with their eyes closed. Leading on from this, we then discussed as a class how this made us feel, what we pictured and how we could describe the music using technical language. We then watched a great video of an artistic representation of the music using both notation and art. Check it out: CLICK HERE.

After this, Year 5 then had the opportunity to represent the music in their own form through art. We listened to the music and the children were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to represent the sounds and mood they heard. Have a look at the results, they are brilliant!

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