The Circus is in town!

Date: 18th October 2021

By: Admin St James

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Year 2 were incredibly lucky last week with an amazing visit from wonderful GEMS Circus Arts School who came in to teach us some circus skills. We think we’re ready to open our own circus now! What do you think?

We had a go at juggling, even with partners:

We tried spinning plates but don’t worry the children know that activity is one to not try at home!

Another activity for the children to try was hula hooping! We were shown different ways to use the hoop and encouraged to be creative and use different body parts. It was a really fun activity and going to be something that we can continue to practise on the playground!


We tested our balancing skills on stilts and even the tightrope! These activities required a lot of resilience and the children rose to the challenge, even helping our friends along the way.


The children had a go at using a diabolo and flower sticks which were mesmerising to watch!

To finish the workshop, the children had to bravely step through the Ring of Fire!

We had such a great time and we think this smile just perfectly sums up our Circus Skills morning! Thank you GEMS Circus Arts School for your brilliant workshop and providing Year 2 with an unforgettable morning.



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  1. Navodita Bakshi says

    20th October 2021 at 8:56 am

    Wonderful event all the kids had good time…Thanks

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