Marvellous music

Date: 3rd November 2021

By: Miss Peel

Category: Community, Creativity, Dance, Music, Performance, Practical learning, School trip, Visitor, Year 5

We have really enjoyed a special last day of term with our music visitor in Year 5. The pupils played musical games and had chance to use their voices as well as some cool instruments to fill our church with fabulous music!

Our final performances were centered around chants that the pupils created based on what they wanted to tell the world. These ranged from ‘be yourself and have fun’ to ‘otters have thumbs’ and ‘animals have feelings too’. Words are really powerful and we can change the world!

We played boomwhackers along to a piano accompaniment for our final pieces. Please take a look at our magnificent musicians below…







We also really enjoyed our end of term ‘homework museum’. Especially having the opportunity to give each other’s homework some really positive feedback.


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