Living and learning History in WWII week

Date: 18th January 2022

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: British Values, Celebration, Dance, History, Outdoor learning, Practical learning, School trip, Year 6

It was a little while ago now but, when our residential was cancelled, Year 6 were undaunted and launched ourselves into a fantastically full week of exciting learning about WWII! We gave the whole week over to immersing ourselves in history and had a differently themed day each day ranging from being Evacuees to Army Recruits to Bletchley Park codebreakers to a brilliant dancing D-Day celebration.

Our first day involved a trip for each of us in groups to see the amazing WWII bunker in Mrs Coleman’s garden – it was a real chance to live the experience of having to go underground during air raids and we were very very grateful to the Coleman family for letting us all come and see and invade their garden!

We had our own rations shop and learned to bake cakes using only rationed ingredients, threw ourselves into sewing buttons and cleaning boots to enhance our practical skills and discovered how to code break and send secret messages.


We explored WWII games and learnt to dance the jive in preparation for our D Day tea party celebration. We had our own war room set up and figured out how to move troops and avoid enemy traps whilst considering the propaganda used at the time.

There were a whole range of other activities but the week ended with a fantastic fun D Day tea party where we danced and had a really rather emotional time of singing ‘We’ll meet again’ and other war time favourites. A brilliant week all round.

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