EYFS put the colour back into the rainbow

Date: 27th February 2022

By: Mr Parsons

Category: Celebration, Creativity, Reception, Science, Visitor, Whole school

We began our Colour Learning Journey with a “Rainbow Sensory” Hook where the children experienced sensory lights and had to solve a mystery when the Rainbow lost it’s colours. Each day, the children focused on finding the colours to the rainbow and the children created red hearts, orange collage, yellow sunshine writing, green recycling art leaves and ocean themed sea creature art. Finally we finished our project with indigo ripple patterned art. It was wonderful to see the children so engaged and enjoying the creative aspects of the curriculum. Throughout the week we explored science in the curriculum where we investigated the properties of Ice in our Ice mountain and we watched the rainbow when exploring the colour properties of ‘Skittles’ sweets. We also were visited by Jude’s mum, who is a florist. She worked with our children to make an amazing flower cloud.

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