Year 6 ‘go wild’ with colour

Date: 28th February 2022

By: Mrs Dodd

Category: Art, British Values, Celebration, Creativity, Whole school, Year 6

During our whole school colour project, Year 6 had a fantastic time looking at different aspects of colour in the world around us.

We explored the ‘wildness’ of Banksy and his creative use of one shot of colour to drive home a message and had a debate about whether his graffiti paintings are art or vandalism – the jury is still out!


We then explored the work of Monet and his use of wild flowers and nature as inspiration. A fascinating silent debate on rewilding and the impact that could have on our environment, kept everyone thinking and we then used some real flowers as inspiration for some miniature still life art.

Overall, we had a great two weeks thinking about the diversity of colour in nature, the diversity and joy that colour can bring to our lives and how, mixed together, we make a beautiful rainbow.

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