Colourful Creations in Year 2!

Date: 3rd March 2022

By: Admin St James

Category: Achievement, Art, Celebration, Creativity, English, Science, SMSC, The ARK, Writing, Year 2

Did you know that you could change a flower’s colour? Year 2 know all about it after our recent colour project. It was a really interesting experiment and one that we look forward to repeating with different flowers to compare results.

We read the fantastic ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers which inspired us to write our own letters to Duncan to complain of his treatment of the different colours. These lessons were really fun and had us all in fits of giggles!

As our colour was ‘yellow’, we thought that we would create a senses poem about all things yellow! Ideas such as dripping honey, popping popcorn, ripe bananas, bitter lemons and warm sunshine were just some of the ideas that the children came up with. Brilliant ideas from brilliant poets.

We agreed that yellow is a happy colour that makes us smile, but that got us thinking about how other colours make us feel. We painted different emotions in different colours to represent how it is healthy to feel a whole range of emotions.

We finished our learning with some sketching and painting of sunflowers and daffodils, which are now proudly on display for all the school to see.

Well done to all of Year 2 for fabulous learning during our colour project!

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