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World Book Day 2022

Last week, we celebrated World Book Day and our theme this year was, ‘Stories from the Bible’. We launched the day with our Whole School Worship, all about the most famous book of all time ( THE BIBLE!) which has been translated into 532 languages!

Reading is such a crucial part of education and it was wonderful to see our pupils immerse themselves in books and lots of book-related fun!

Mary, from Usborne books, set herself up in the library and was visited by lots of excited children who couldn’t wait to browse her books.

Throughout the school day, Mr. Kelly had great fun setting the bell off at different intervals where everyone  ( including teachers) had to ‘ drop everything and read’.

Reception made collages of sheep from the parable of ‘The Lost Sheep’. They also enjoyed spending time browsing books in the library.

Year 1 spent some time reading their favourite books to their buddies, listened to a workshop by Axel Scheffler and created front covers for the Parable of ‘The Lost Coin’.

Year 2 read and explored the story of,’ The Lost Son’, from the Bible. They discussed how God is forgiving, just like the Father in the story who forgave his son and welcomed him home with arms wide open. They immersed themselves in the joy of storytelling by planning and writing their own underwater story.

Year 3 learnt about the story of Pentecost. They thought about the Holy Spirit and how like wind, you can’t see it but it is always around us. To signify this, they made pinwheels. The children had great fun decorating these and the adults had even more fun trying to keep them attached to the pencils!

Although Year 4 were at Hooke Court, they didn’t miss out on the fun. After singing songs around the campfire, they enjoyed warming up with a hot chocolate and listened to a story in the dark! We then decided to make up our own story about Mr. Brown and his beloved dog, Copper!

Year 5, looked at the story of ‘David and Goliath’. The children used props and scripts to recreate the story and then performed these to their class.

In Year 6, they had a great time exploring the story of Joseph, even including a song or two from the musical of the same name (!), and, along with designing their own technicolour dreamboats, they wrote flash fiction versions of the story. In the afternoon, they took part in an online workshop by Amy Kim Kibuishi, author of the Rema chronicles, where she explained how to illustrate in a Manga style. They also had a fab time exploring books with our Year 1 buddies.

Books at Bedtime

Mr. Brown and Mrs. Dodd thoroughly enjoyed reading a bedtime story to the 40 plus families who were able to join our Books at Bedtime zoom. A whole plethora of voices from Mr. Brown for a lively version of ‘ Room on the Broom’ and some exciting adventures for ‘Bats at the Library’ from Mrs. Dodd, in the library! There was even an appearance from Leo the Labrador who loves a good story!

Story Jar Competition

We LOVED all the story jar entries…

Well done to our story jar competition winners:

Key Stage 1- Oliver ( Year 2)


Key Stage 2 – Emily ( Year3)

A huge thank you to the PSA who organised a sponsored read which has raised a superb amount of money to allow us to purchase more reading books… more details to follow in the next newsletter.

Finally, thank you to all our wonderful St. James’ community for supporting our events and providing your child/ children with some  very creative costumes to celebrate World Book Day.

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