Safer Internet Day

Date: 17th March 2022

By: Mrs Clark

Category: Community, Drama, I.T., Kindness, Safety, Whole school

In February, we celebrated ‘Safer Internet Day’, with this year’s theme being ‘All fun and games? Exploring relationships online’. We thought about how we can ensure we are staying safe and having respectful relationships when gaming and using the internet. Across the school, we took part in a number of activities to promote the importance of online safety. Here’s what we got up to…


In EYFS, they listened to the Safer Internet Day assembly and made their own avatars. They practiced drawing them and them recreated them on ‘Busy things’. They also discussed the people that they trust and how they should keep safe.

Year 1

In year 1, they took part in a ‘Safer Internet Day’ assembly and heard the story of ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’. They then discussed what they would do if they received an unfamiliar message online and how they could ensure they were staying safe.

Year 2 

Year 2 completed tally charts for their favourite online activities and read DigiDuck and the Magic Castle. They discussed personal information and how it is important to keep this information private. They also acted out different scenarios from DigiDuck and were all in agreement that you do not share your passwords except to your parents/carers.

Year 3

Year three took part in the ‘Safer Internet Day’ assembly and learn all about how we can stay safe and have respectful relationships when gaming with friends. They created informative posters to illustrate what they had learnt and their top tips when using websites and apps.

Year 4

Year 4 took part in a number of activities throughout the day. They started by discussing how they can stay safe online and put together a list of rules to illustrate the importance of respectful relationships. In maths, they looked at the different apps and platforms they used and collected data and created bar graphs. In the afternoon, they used the computers to play the game ‘Interland’; an online game that puts the key lessons of digital citizenship into hands-on practice.

Year 5 

In English, Year 5 held mini debates thinking about reasons for and against using the internet using persuasive language techniques. They also took a survey of online games and entered data to form bar charts on Purple Mash. In topic, they created news reports providing tips as to how we can stay safe online.

Year 6 

Year 6 spent time creating a balanced argument for whether they thought the internet was useful and vital or something that can actually be quite a dangerous place. In the afternoon, they researched different ways to use the internet, how to stay safe and what to do if we see something that looks suspicious.

Well done Team St. James!

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