Fire! Fire! London’s Burning!

Year 2 were fantastic historians last term, discovering why the fire in 1666 became known as the ‘Great Fire of London’ and what happened after the fire to ensure a disaster would not strike the city of London, and beyond, again.

The children became detectives using clues from artefacts and photographs to investigate how and why the fire broke out. We couldn’t believe our luck when Samuel Pepys travelled through time to visit us in our classrooms. Samuel Pepys needed our help to establish the cause of the fire and we got to work straight away.

In our English lessons we wrote diary entries and newspaper reports to demonstrate our understanding of the Great Fire and we used drama to help us imagine what life was like during the dreadful blaze.

We have also been creative during our dance lessons, creating shapes to represent different London buildings and we choreographed dances to show the tiny sparks in the bakery and how the flames travelled and spread across the city.

In Design and Technology lessons, we planned and designed a fire engine thinking carefully what components we would need to include to ensure our fire engine moved such as axels, chassis and wheels. Then we made our fire engines using junk modelling and we were rather impressed with the creative ideas. We saw lolly-pop stick ladders, pipe cleaner hoses and even yoghurt pot sirens!

To finish our project, we welcomed a local firefighter into school who quizzed us on our knowledge of the Great Fire of London but also taught us important fire safety information to share with our families.

We had a busy, but brilliant term. Well done to our fantastic Year 2 learners!

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