Irrigation and sunflowers

Date: 3rd April 2022

By: Miss Martin

Category: Competition, Creativity, Design, Eco, Geography, History, Independence, Practical learning, Uncategorised, Year 6

Year 6 recently learned about the invention of irrigation channels that were built in China to allow the water from the rivers to get to the drier parts of the country. Thus allowing more crops to be successfully grown. We looked at why dams couldn’t be used because military vessels still needed to be able to travel along the river and also the way the channels were built.

We had the challenge of creating our own irrigation channels to get water to all of the farmers in our ‘land’. Each group worked hard to get ready for the impending ‘rain’ so as to allow the water to move evenly across the flat plain.

So as to not waste the compost, we have started our very own sunflower growing competition. We are going to have to care for our plants and ensure they grow successfully by making sure they are watered and have enough sunlight before we hope to be able to plant them out in the school front garden for the community to enjoy.



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