More tea, Ma’am?

On Monday, we had a very special visitor for our Jubilee tea – ‘the Queen’! We were delighted that she even brought a corgi wither her and, with a brilliant fanfare from Mrs Hall on the cornet, we all stood to sing the National Anthem.

To commemorate her special Platinum Jubilee and dressed in red, white and blue,we hosted a splendid afternoon tea for all the children of St. James’ and our special guest and, as each year group had learnt about a different decade of The Queen’s reign during the week, we each brought a song from that decade to perform . We had a magical musical trip from the decades from the 50s to the 00s! Quite the range from Three Lions, to Abba, to Zippidy Doo Da! Some of our children also read out some of their work on ‘ If I were to be Queen’ which apparently the royal visitor very much enjoyed.

We then enjoyed some traditional  scones with cream and jam…whichever order you put it on, it was delicious! Thanks are due to our wonderful PSA who provided the goodies for us. With some accompanying piano music from the last 70 years played by another special visitor and work from each year group decorating the playground, it was a really lovely time to be together and celebrate a very special national occasion.

The sun shone down  and a fantastic afternoon was had by all!

We ended with a speech from the Queen. She spoke of kindness in the Commonwealth and hope for the future and every child went away inspired by Her Majesty and knowing that being kind to everyone you meet is a gift that we can all give. That and having a marmalade sandwich in your handbag which ‘The Queen’ kindly donated to one of Year 6!

A huge thank you to the PSA for supplying the scones and everyone who worked hard to make it happen! Long live the Queen.


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