Step in to the past

Date: 20th June 2022

By: Miss Peel

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Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre was an absolute blast – a blast from the past!

Year 5 had a fantastic time travelling through the Stone Age to the Iron Age.


Some of the activities that the children loved include: 

  • Using stones to grind down grain and then mixing this with water to make bread dough. We even got to taste the basic bread once we had cooked it on the open fire! Delicious! 


  • Using simple stone age tools such as an axe made from wood, reed string and sharp flint. 


  • Weaving a belt from sheep’s wool that has been separated into strands and dyed. 


  • Using large stones to break off pieces of flint and shaping the flint into useful tools such as scrapers, knives and spear heads. 

Thank you so much to all of our children (who were wonderfully behaved and got stuck in to every activity!), our fabulous parent helpers and the knowledgeable staff at ATC.

Miss Peel and Miss Cutler

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