Can I eat my work, Miss?

Date: 26th September 2022

By: Miss Martin

Category: Practical learning, Science, Year 6

This week in science, Year 6 have been looking at classification keys and how they can help to classify living things like animals and microorganisms.

Luckily, the Year 6 teachers were on hand to bring the science to life (we are pleased to confirm that no animals were harmed in the making of this lesson). Rather, we in groups and used liquorice allsorts to create a classification key.  We really had to look into what characteristics each sweet had and then sorted them accordingly.

Part of this learning included the importance of providing objective statements/questions, for instance talking about appearance.  On the other hand, classifying the allsorts by saying something like, ‘is it nice?’ was not particularly helpful – as we soon learned, some of us love liquorice and some of us hate it!

We will soon contextualise this learning through looking at how we can classify different animals microorganisms, along with working scientifically on a series of experiments to learn more about this important topic.

But in the meantime, who knew that liquorish allsorts could be provide so much learning, whilst being so much fun?!


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