Mortal Engines Parent Outcome

Date: 23rd October 2022

By: Miss Martin

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On the last day of term, Year 6 were honoured to host their first project outcome for parents.

A HUGE thank you to every parent that came in and supported Year 6 today, because thanks to Covid, this has been the first parent outcome Year 6 have been able to host in over two years! And what a parent outcome it was!

We had different stalls set up, showing the different learning from each area of the curriculum we have been working on this term, which included:

  • Art – sketching techniques and self portraits
  • PE – Fitness and cardiovascular health
  • Mortal Engines – Showing the book we have been reading and our own chapters in our English books.
  • Published books – Showing our own published Mortal Engines chapter which we had published into booklets.
  • Clay – Showing our own clay tractions cities, along with our descriptive writing about our cities in our English books.
  • Music – MusicLab – Song Maker – showing off our production skills and how we created our own chase music for the background of Mortal Engines.
  • Maths – Nice or Nasty – Inviting parent to go head on with our fantastic mathematicians to see who could make the biggest number when rolling the dice in turn.
  • Science – Describing to parents our science experiments and what happened when we put yeast and sugar together.
  • Homework – Showing off all of our fantastic home learning! (Thank you, parents, for your support with this!)

Thank you again for coming along and we hope you enjoying being able to see just a snapshot of what life is like in Year 6.


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