Eager entrepreneurs!

Date: 10th November 2022

By: Mrs Clark

Category: Community, Design, English, Practical learning, Visitor, Year 5

In Year 5 this term, our topic is ‘Young Enterprise’. We have spent the first week learning all about market research.

Firstly, we took part in our very own independent market research, where we looked at (and tasted!) sweet treats that are already available on the market. We then thought about their taste, texture, appearance and what we could do to change them.


Following our food tasting, it was time to conduct market research within our school. We looked at features of surveys including: demographic questions, multiple choice question, opinion scales and formal language. We then thought about the questions we wanted to ask, in order to find out about sweet treat preferences; this helped us form our own surveys.

Next, it was time to ask our questions to find out which were the most popular products, textures and flavours. We composed a tally chart and later collated our data into a bar chart.

Finally, we were very lucky to welcome some exciting visitors into school! Alisha and Hannah came into Y5 to tell us all about their experience of selling sweet treats at BigWigs bakery. They showed us some photos of their delicious creations and answered questions all about profit, most popular items, ingredients and gave us an insight into their jobs in the bakery- they even bought us some BigWigs stickers and a scrumptious brownie treat! We are so grateful to them both for their time and they have inspired us to create the best sweet treats that we can.

What a busy week of being young entrepreneurs- well done Year 5!

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