Crazy Creatures in Year 1!

Date: 28th November 2022

By: Gemma Pain

Category: Science, Uncategorised, Visitor, Year 1

As part of our project learning, Year 1 were very lucky to have Crazy Creatures visit them this week! The children were able to hold a cockroach, one of the worlds biggest centipedes (who had 400 legs), an albino snail, a tarantula, a blue tongued Skink, a royal python and a Chaco owl! The faces on the children were a picture…especially when the tarantula came out! We were only able to see it through a clear box as it did not like to be handled. The children were very brave and had the change to hold or stroke the animals. The children described the skink and python as smooth, scaly and silky. It was funny seeing the Skink poke out its tongue as it was blue- hence the name! Memories made for sure.

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