Welcome to The Galapagos!

Date: 10th January 2023

By: Miss Martin

Category: Art, Creativity, Design, Geography, Outdoor learning, Practical learning, Science, Year 6

Our new topic is…

The Galapagos!!

Year 6 had a fantastic introduction to their new project The Galapagos. We turned into explorers for the day and spent the morning digging for fossils, learning from David Attenborough, researching Mary Anning, creating our own fossils and also using microscopes to look at nature to see if there were any patterns or structures we could see. 

After break time, we got stuck into some Science and created our own fossil record, looking back at how far back in time some fossils come from and also how transitional fossils show evolution through the eras. We discussed how fossils show what animals looked like in the past and how they were all once alive organisms. 

In the afternoon, we became geographers and looked more specifically at The Galapagos and we tried our hand at finding the islands in an atlas, on a globe and also using tablets to research which animals you can only find on the islands. We also looked at how we would get to the Galapagos using Google maps and Google Earth.

Get your passports ready…and off we go!


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