Detectives in Year 2

Date: 16th January 2023

By: Mrs Rabbets

Category: Achievement, Creativity, History, Questioning, Year 2

Last week we received a mysterious letter in Year 2 and we were given the task to work out who the letter was from, based on the artefacts and clues dotted around the classroom.

The first job was to order the timeline of dates to see if that would help us work out who it could be. We had some guesses along the way including Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket but we soon realised that these are fictional characters and our mysterious historical figure was real. We then thought it might be a letter from Roald Dahl, but as we found out more facts about this figure, the more we realised it couldn’t have been from Roald Dahl.

The second job was to match the artefacts with the corresponding fact on the timeline. We discovered that in the 1800s you didn’t have a whiteboard and interactive screen at school, the children had to use slate! We thought that it would be fun for day but we are far luckier today having modern technology to help us learn.

Eventually, we discovered that the historical figure was the creator of Cadbury, John Cadbury! We can’t wait to find out more about the history of chocolate as it is something we all enjoy today.


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