Welcome to the Galapagos Islands

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands!! 

Year 6 had their parent outcome this week to show off all the fantastic learning they have been doing. We had nine different stations set up with children at each station explaining the activities and teaching parents what they now know.

Art – In Art we have been studying wire artists, including Diane Kooter, and we had a go at re-creating some of her work.

RE – In RE, we were looking at Science vs Religion and how actually both theories are sometimes contradictory and sometimes complimentary.

Science – In science we have been looking at the theory of evolution and how this can be explained by natural selection. We have also studied different ways in which animals have adapted in order to survive their environment.

PE – In PE, we have been learning gymnastics and learning how to make and hold different shapes.

Maths – In maths, our key focus this term has been fractions. Learning how to multiply and divide fractions, with integers and with other fractions.

English – In English we have studying travel writing and we created our own persuasive leaflet to inform people of what the islands are like, how they were formed and why they should visit.

Geography – In geography, we have been learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes which is very topical given the very sad events in Turkey. We were able to discuss the events and explain why they happened. We also studied Eco-tourism and how to control areas and travel sustainably to preserve and look after the environment and animals.

Homework – We had a station to show off all our fantastic home learning, from power-points to show the nine animals you can only see on the Galapagos Islands to models of the island itself.

ICT – In ICT, we have been learning all about the LAN and WAN and the World Wide Web.


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