Remarkable Robotics!

Date: 29th June 2023

By: Mrs Clark

Category: Achievement, I.T., School trip, Science, Year 4

On Monday, Mrs. Hall took a group of budding computer scientists to BSG for a robotics workshop. When they first arrived, the children were met by Year 8 pupils who proudly displayed their own robot which had been designed and programmed to pick up cones- they are even entering their robot into a competition in Cambridge!

Following this, our Year 4s were introduced to the ‘microbit’; this clever piece of equipment is like a pocket-sized computer which shows how hardware and software work together. Using this, the children had to complete a number of tasks: program music, program a light display and teach the robot how to draw. They had an excellent day and were blown away by the incredible technology.

Take a look at what they got up to…


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