Lulworth Cove

Date: 7th July 2023

By: Lauren Finnigan

Category: Eco, Geography, Outdoor learning, Practical learning, School trip, Year 3

This week, Year 3 had their trip to Lulworth Cove. The children absolutely loved it!

The children were able to see all that they have been learning about in geography first hand and learn additional facts from our lovely ranger. The children first learned about the 5 different types of rock that can be found at Lulworth and then had a walk to Stair Hole which showed us how erosion can change rocks. At this point, the children were able to complete a field sketch which they thoroughly enjoyed. We ended the day with fossil foraging on the beach and a lesson in the learning centre from our ranger about the wonders of Lulworth Cove.

What a fantastic day!

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures we captured from the trip.

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