Victory for Vikings!

Year 4 had an awesome day with “The Treehouse Theatre,” as they took us ‘back in time’ to the Saxon/Viking days.  

Excited children arrived at school dressed as Vikings, eager to explore another period in our history. We were not disappointed!  

During the morning, small groups of children enjoyed practising their roles for our year group play, whilst others participated in a carousel of ‘Viking’ activities which involved writing message in Viking runes and learning to draw a Viking Longship and Longhouse. 

We learnt much about the struggle for power between the Saxon kings and Vikings and how King Alfred the Great played such an important role in securing the Kingdom of Wessex, whilst introducing Danegeld and Danelaw. 

Our afternoon play was the highlight of the day. Every child took part with enthusiasm and it was a huge success.

Well done year 4! 

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