Parent View

Parent View is a web based questionnaire that allows parents to give their view of a school’s performance.  At St. James’ we place a high value on the home-school relationship and believe that regular feedback and consultation is a positive discussion that can support our self evaluation and ensure that we are always improving the service we provide.  Parent view is a valuable tool, but we believe that giving parents a chance for more open feedback is also important as it can identify threads and trends in opinion.

As such, we conduct yearly parental questionnaires that include the ParentView questions to measure satisfaction and gather the views of those who know our school the best.  These questionnaires are followed up by Parent Forum meetings that explore specific areas of our academy’s practice and give further opportunities to work together to improve our outcomes.  If you wish to read the results of our latest parental questionnaire, please click the link below:


If you would like to fill out the online ParentView questionnaire also, please follow this link :

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