Lunchtime discussion topics

What do you think - written with chalk on a blackboard

‘What do you think?’ is what we ask the children each week as a starting point for a topic of conversation during their twenty minute lunchtime sitting.   We do not force the children to discuss this issue – we believe the most important thing is that the children are socialising with and talking to each other and they should be free to make their own choices in this regard, however we gently nudge them to consider the questions we pose to enable them to explore ideas that may be a little different to their normal conversations.  In this way we are hoping to develop their listening, explaining, questioning and reasoning skills in a natural and unforced way while also engaging them with some of the more pertinent questions of our time (sometimes – we’re not averse to the odd frivolous conversation topic every now and again…)

The topics we have asked them to discuss (and this week’s topic) are listed below, in reverse order:

W/b 26th June : If you walk on your hands, do your hands become feet?

W/b 2nd May : What is a general election?  Why is it important?

W/b 27th March : Do dogs hear in words or in barks?

W/b 20th March : Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

W/b 6th March : Which has the most freedom, an ant or a schoolchild?

W/b 27th February : If giraffes ruled the world, what differences might we see?

W/b 20th February : Can you hurt someone with love?  Is love always kind?

W/b 6th February : If we swapped hearts, would you still be you and me still be me?

W/b 30th January : If we don’t see air, do fish see water?

W/b 23rd January : What colour is Monday, and what colour is Friday?

W/b 16th January : Are you excited, worried or not bothered about Donald Trump becoming President on Friday?

W/b 9th January : Which are heavier, Lies or Promises?

Week of January 5th :  Catch up on your Christmas holiday news!

December :  Would Christmas still be Christmas if you didn’t get any presents?

W/b 21st November : Is it OK for celebrities to eat insects as part of their bush tucker trials on ‘I’m a celebrity’?

W/b 7th November :  What’s the point of Remembrance Day (11th November)?

W/b 31st October :  Who is Donald Trump and who is Hillary Clinton?  Who do you think should be the next President of the USA?

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