We are always grateful to receive feedback and appreciate the time people take to let us know if there are things we could do better, or if there are things that we are doing right.  Here is a selection of some of the positive comments we have received about our practice:

I just wanted to say what a lovely day I had at your school yesterday.

I was very impressed with the knowledge and level of learning the Year 4 children displayed. Also the level of questioning from both the Year 4 classes was very good. The children were very attentive and respectful and saw the links between Judaism and Christianity. They were all very polite and engaged in the workshops.

All the staff I came into contact with were very helpful and friendly and the children in the corridors were all polite letting me first through doors, smiling at me and saying hello. The atmosphere at your schools is one that many would envy, something that you should be proud of. 
Thank you for inviting me to work with your children and I hope to be able to work with you again.
Lynda Ford-Horne

‘Hi St James’ Team, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful Year 3 Christmas performance. It was so magical outdoors with all the lights and Christmas cheer. Covid has taken away so many precious memories over the last 20 months so it was extra special. I loved watching all the children singing so confidently and having such fun together. A huge thank you to all the staff who played their part in this event happening and well done for finding a creative solution around all the new restrictions. You are so good at thinking creatively and doing something a bit different and outside the box! Wishing you all a happy and healthy Christmas.’ Parent email, 12/2021

‘Just wanted to ping you a quick email to say how absolutely amazing my daughter’s teachers have been over the homeschooling journey the last couple of months. They are the dream team together . Always smiling, always laughing and delivering fantastic lessons every single day without fail .  I cannot praise them enough.  I feel Xxxx has progressed very well over all the homeschooling because of the constant hard work and planning by the teachers.’  Parent email, 03/20201

‘I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work each and every one of you.  I really appreciate the fantastic communications from you all and can see how much time effort and work you are all putting in.’  Parent email, 01, 2021

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your year 1 staff for this half-term and the quality of provision that you have given to our daughter. The structure that your team has put in place, we feel has been excellent. The live lessons have been brilliant. I know from personnel experience that these are not easy; to deliver them with such quality and enthusiasm to such a large group of five and six year olds is testament to the expertise of your staff. We also feel that the balance of these live lessons against other ways of delivering content has been ideal. Most importantly Xxxx has remained happy throughout this time period; and she not resisted at all when asked to complete any work. This is as a result of the accessible yet not overwhelming structure that you have put in place.  What has been a pleasure for me to see is the incredible skill your staff have displayed in weaving the curriculum across the different subject areas. Although Xxxx would of course not be explicitly aware of this I can see as a parent and a teacher how this helps maintain engagement and focus on the work.’  Parent email, 02/2021

‘I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have all done this half term. We have been so impressed with the remote learning that you have provided and are grateful that you have allowed Xxxx and Xxxx to come to school for a couple of days a week to enable us to do our jobs.  Particular thanks from us to the reception and year 3 teams (both at home and in school) – we think they are just brilliant!’  Parent email, 02/2021

Just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do to ensure reception year goes so well for these children throughout these challenging times. Outstanding teachers taking great care of every child in their first year of school.’  Parent email 06/2020

‘I just wanted to do a quick email to send a big thank you to you all at St. James’ – this morning was an absolute delight when dropping XXXX and XXXX at school with the music playing in the background. Our faces lit up immediately and it was such a nice thing! I just want to say – it is heart warming to see the care and passion that all the staff carry with them despite all of the uproar with the coronavirus. I feel that my children are very lucky to be going to such a great school where the staff still want to provide an education, normality and a place of love and care for each child. You are all amazing and an absolute credit to the school – THANK YOU!’  Parental email, 03/2020

‘I am sure that you hear this all the time, but your school is an inspiring and loving place to visit and work in. From Mr Brown’s assembly, through each lesson, wall and workbook observed, I saw work that was of a very high standard. The integration of the school’s values, staff development, pupil engagement and quality of the teaching of RE were excellent.’  Julia Coleman, Service Manager School & Provider Standards & Support BCP Council, 03/2020

‘My best regards to you and all your staff at St James, I am very grateful our young child attends this fabulous school.’  Parental email, 03/2020.

‘Thank you @academystjames who allowed us to see their great teaching of RE on a learning walk. Ofsted often talk about what this subject can do for pupils and young people. Wonderful to see it in action. #RE #OfstedFramework’.  BCP Quality and Commissioning team on Twitter, 02/2020

‘As a Local Authority, we would like to praise the school for adopting a positive, thoughtful and solution-focussed approach to promoting achievement and understanding of the broad diversity of pupils within its section of our BCP learning community. The school is to be commended on their dedication to supporting the rich variety of children’s needs and for promoting a truly inclusive school ethos where every child is given individual importance and all are supported to thrive.’    Julian Radcliffe, Service Director (Inclusion and Family services). 01/2020

‘The children were a delight as we shared their enthusiasm and enjoyment.  Without exception the helpers found the youngsters’ manners outstanding – thank you St. James!’  Thank you card, 12/2019

‘A huge thank you to you for doing such a brilliant job in Calshot last week. XXXX had an incredible time and has come back talking non-stop about all the wonderful new experiences he had. He will treasure the memories forever. We are both very grateful for your care and perfect organisation.’ Parent email, 11/2019

‘On behalf of Bournemouth Foodbank, I am writing to thank you and the St James school community for supporting this year’s Foodbank Harvest Appeal – again!  Your response was terrific and is really appreciated – it will make a real difference in helping us provide emergency food to local adults and children this year.  Your total donations weighed in at a brilliant 279 kgs!’  Schools’ Liaison Team, Bournemouth Foodbank, 11/2019

‘These memories will last a lifetime. This school never ceases to amaze me of how much fun they bring and going the extra mile for our children. We are so blessed.’ Parent facebook comment, 10/2019

‘I’d like to send thanks to everyone at St James’ for making XXXX’s first weeks at ‘Big School’ an absolute pleasure for her – she hates coming home!! We’ve both been massively impressed by the communication, activities and support. As parents we feel really lucky that XXXX is part of your learning community.’  Parent, 10/2019

‘Thank you to the entire St James staff (past and present) for your support, enthusiasm and care for our children’s well-being and progress during their 7 years.  And a huge thank you to all staff involved for making SATs week a positive experience for our children.’  Parent comment on website, 05/2019

‘What an amazing day, XXXX came home brimming with excitement and information thanks to everyone who made it happen.’  Parent comment on website, 04/2019

‘It was a wonderful idea and our daughter was very excited to be see the constellations they had learned about. The hot choc and treats were a thoughtful and appreciated touch too, so a big ‘Thank you’ for organising and hosting this fun and interactive experience x x’ Parent comment (re: stargazing evening) on website, 03/2019

‘We are writing to say an enormous ‘Thank You’ to the staff of St James’ for their care, kindness and encouragement while our son has been recovering from pneumonia.  A massive thank you to his teacher who has been brilliant with XXX. XXX has said that he can talk to XXXX about how he is feeling, and this has been instrumental in building his confidence to return to school full time. Despite reduced school hours and energy Orson has continued to come home stuffed full of new knowledge, testimony to the great teaching in his class.  Thank you wonderful staff of St James, you have been amazing!’  Parent email, 02/2019

‘I feel so lucky to be part of St. James’ and pleased my daughter is surrounded by such nice people all working towards the success of the children.’  Parent comment via email, 02/2019

‘Thank you all for the investment you make into my children’s lives, have gotten to know so many teachers and Lsa’s and admin staff in and out of school and it’s a joy to be part of this great little community. We value your influence in our children’s lives and thank you for helping guide them both academically and in helping to shape their character. Merry Christmas to you all.’  Parent comment on Facebook.  12/2018

‘Thank you so much for organising this – such a great opportunity (and project!) and must be such a lot of additional hard work for you.  My child is so excited!  Thank you!’  Parent feedback on sleepover consent form, 10/2018

‘This is just a quick email to express my heartfelt thanks for the schooling my two children have had at St. James’ Primary School. Both of them have attended your school from reception to year 6 and XXXX finishes this year.  Both you and your teachers have blended the academic and fun side of learning really well and whilst both have struggled at times with certain subjects they’ve come to really enjoy studying and have a great knowledge of all subjects.  Your blend of learning mixed with group projects, golden time and sport have been the perfect combination for our children not only developing them academically but more importantly enhancing their social skills and confidence.  As we near the end of their primary schooling and we as parents focus on new challenges I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent start you’ve given my children.’  Email from Parent, 07/2018

‘My girls have gone right the way through the school from reception to year six and in all their 11 years at your school I have never been anything but impressed with the progress, achievement, willingness to work hard and the enthusiasm to come into to school, which is as a parent all you can ever want for your kids.  So this is a massive thanks for 11 amazing years! And to let you all know that both my girls have had the very best start to their lives at St James…. In my eyes from the administration team to the teaching and support staff you have been awesome across the board.  As someone who works in a school I appreciate what it takes to pull these things off and you most definitely do, year after year.  Thanks to each and every one of you.’  Parental letter, 07/2018

‘Were several of your classes on a train travelling to the Lighthouse in Poole this morning?…  I just wanted to say that the several boys that were sat next to me were very friendly and polite.  Both them and their teacher kept me entertained with good conversation – they’re a credit to your school!’  Member of the public via Twitter.  05/2018

‘Also keep meaning to mention what an incredible impact Paddy’s visit had on both my children. They both did not stop talking about his visit and it has completely transformed the way they perceive adults and children with disabilities. So thank you for providing such a valuable opportunity.’  Parent email, 06/2018

‘A big thank you to all the staff involved in last nights candlelight service. It was very special and was the last one of our families 21 xmas productions over the 13 years of primary school. Each and every one has always been amazing and as parents we are very grateful to all the hard work the children and staff put in, so that we can sit back and be amazed at the many different ways that the Christmas story can be portrayed.’  Parental feedback, 12/2017.

‘Every teacher and member of the team have been amazing for the 9 years we have been a part of your family.  You really do amazing work and we truly hope that you always feel appreciated for that.  Never underestimate how valued you are; as a collective and each individually.’  Parent thank you card, 11/2017

‘On the eve of your World Record attempt we would just like to say a huge thank you to yourself and all of your staff for a fabulous week of learning.  Our children have had the most amazing time this week and have been so engaged in their learning, xxxxx has even come home wanting to write every evening! They have gone to bed eager to achieve the goal tomorrow however have told us everything about keeping safe and exactly what we have to do!  The community spirit at St James’ is fantastic and we are so pleased that our children attend such a fabulous school with such inspiring staff members. Thank you!’  Parental email feedback, 10/2017

‘I just wanted to congratulate you for organising such a great day.  Everyone involved will certainly have those memories forever and it was a privilege to be a part of it.  The children were all so well behaved and Y1, who I mainly saw, were so happy and patient waiting for the big moment.’  Email feedback, 10/2017

‘Wow you guys are all amazing and you are helping us to teach our children how to be the most amazing caring lovely people and I can’t thank you enough for all you do!’  Parental feedback, 10/2017

‘The event in its entirety appeared so well organised from start to finish. All of the children and teachers were a credit to you today.’ Comment on Facebook following our Guinness World Record attempt, 10/2017

‘Thank you so much for inviting me, the children were wonderfully  creative and so polite and amazing listeners! It was great fun sharing all their ideas and watching their little projects come to life.  They are an absolute credit to the school.’  Visiting speaker, 09/2017

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for making St. James a fun, kind, caring environment for our child to be in.  She has had a fantastic year.’  Parental thank you card, 07/2017

‘We just wanted to say thank you ever so much for educating, nurturing and helping our children reach their potential during their time at St James.  I feel we take our children’s education for granted some times and I wanted to say how pleased we have been with our children’s progress in all areas – not just academic.’  Parental email, 07/2017

‘What an amazing day! As a family we are feeling so proud to be part of St James. Yesterday’s Sports Day was a sleek operation. Thoroughly enjoyable for everyone, giving our children precious memories, of which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you to all the teachers, children and everyone who was involved, what a sterling job.’  Comment on website by parent, 06/2017

‘What a fantastic idea and great to see enthusiasm of staff joining in too – well done St. James.  Looks like St. James is bringing fun back to education. Great!’  Comments on Academy Facebook page, 05/2017

‘He not only talks fondly of his teachers, but all the teaching assistants, Mr Brown and the student buddy system.  We’ve been impressed with the lovely sense of community that surrounds the school, even the site manager knows him by name.  We truly appreciate all that has been done and the ongoing support and time that has been taken to invest in our son’s education and future.  We are truly grateful.’  Letter from parent, 04/2017

‘This is the best report I’ve ever read.  It tells me that you know my child really well and you like him.  I couldn’t want more from his teacher.  He is clearly doing well as a result.  Thank you so much.’  Extract from report reply comment, 04/2017

‘I cannot fault the team who have been aware of the issues and gone out of their way to help.  Please feel free to send a copy of this to the school governors as they should also know how much all the St. James’ school staff work together to support our children at difficult times.’  Extract from letter from parent, 03/2017

‘Thanks for a lovely tea party, these things make such a difference and make you aware how much school cares about doing special things as well as the day to day education.  Thank you!’   Year 1 Parent, 02/2017

‘I can see why everyone likes this school, because they never give up.’ 5 star review comment on Facebook, 12/2016

‘What an amazing start to the day! So many smiling faces! Thank you for the Christmas music.’  Parental comment, 12/2016

‘It was excellent, moving and well presented. LOVED the poems. So proud of them all.’ Parent on Facebook following class worship, 11/2016

‘I go to a lot of good schools and this is the only one that has really felt like a family’  Stella Counsell, School Improvement partner, 11/2016

‘Well done London class! Such a wonderful worship, thank you to Mrs Harris, Mrs Tomlinson, Mrs KP and Miss Thomas for all their hard work x’  Facebook comment from parent, 11/2016

‘I have a very tired but very happy boy at home Sounds like an amazing week at Kingswood. Thank you to all the staff who looked after him and helped create fantastic memories.’  Parental comment on Facebook after Year 6 residential, 10/2016

‘I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff who have looked after our children and to Mr Payne for the amazing updates we’ve had- it’s really made a huge difference to read and see what the children have been up to. Thank you.’ Letter from parent after Year 6 residential, 10/2016

‘Myself and my husband attended a tour of your school this morning.  I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how impressed we were with Callum and Caleb from year 6 who showed us around.  They happily answered all of our questions and were both extremely polite, confident and well spoken. What fabulous representatives for St. James’.’  Email from prospective parent, 10/2016

‘Thank you for being a nice headteacher to us and we really appreciate you helping our school.  Thank you for helping us in the fire drills.  Thank you for everything.’  Handwritten note from Bella and Summer, (Year 4)  09/2016

 ‘I feel in the school’s debt because everyone has helped me so much and they are very caring.’  Year 6 leaver, 07/2016

‘Pupils were considerate, respectful and courteous to each other during the sessions and we were greeted by pupils with positive comments and great enthusiasm.  This made us feel welcome and a part of the strong school family which you have obviously built at your school.’  Educators from the Life Education Wessex team, 07/2016

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