Governance Overview

Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust

St James’ is proud to be an academy that is sponsored by the Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust.

This page explains what the Trust Board do and who they are:

The Trust Board has a Register of Directors Business Interests, which can be found here:

The Trust Board delegate some functions of the ‘day to day’ running of St James’ Academy to the Local Governing Body through the Scheme of Delegation, which can be found here: Schedule of delegation – FINAL VERSION September 2020[7257]

The Local Governing Body of St James’ Primary Academy

The Local Governing Body meet as a Full Board each half-term and also meet as Resources and Curriculum sub-committees (with delegated powers) each half-term. The Local Governing Body convene Pay and Admissions Committees as required. Local Governors are regular visitors to classrooms and have links with each class and key subject or responsibility leaders in the academy. The role of the Local Governing Body is to challenge, support and act as a critical friend, in driving forward the strategic development of the academy, with similar guidance, challenge and support from the Trust Board.

The Local Governing Body aim to encompass the academy’s mission statement in everything that they consider:

‘As a Church of England academy we aim to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum for all our pupils, set firmly within the guiding principles of a Christian education. Each child is considered to be a unique person whose individual talents and potential must be fully developed. Everything in school is designed to promote the highest standards of spiritual, academic, moral and social education. We aim to provide an ethos in which pupils can learn and be safe and happy, as well as providing a firm and lasting foundation of knowledge and values to serve them as they grow up and take their place in the society of the twenty-first century’.

Details of our local governors’ names, category, the body that appoints them, their term of office, positions of responsibility and any committees that they serve on can be found in the link below, alongside any business interests:

Find out who our Local Governors are

St. James’ Academy information page on the ‘Get Information about Schools’ website

Register-of-Business-Financial-Governance-and-Relationship-Interests-Sep 2020

St James’ Governor Meeting Attendance 2018.2019

St James’ Governor Meeting Attendance 2019.20

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