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Our Curriculum Principles

If you would like any further information about the curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher or contact the school office to arrange an appointment with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. At the time of making your appointment, please state which curriculum area you would like to discuss, so that your appointment can be made with the relevant staff member.

Our Creative Curriculum Value Statement

At St. James’ CE Primary Academy, we believe that our Creative Curriculum should provide our children with an exciting and stimulating learning environment. The curriculum should be relevant to their life experiences, should inspire and engage them in their learning, and enable them to work in a flexible and collaborative way using their imagination.

Project Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon learning through cross curricular projects. The chosen projects are to be relevant and stimulating for the children, the children even choose their project sometimes and suggest subjects and resources to be taught.  Each project is planned and taught in line with the new 2014 National Curriculum objectives to ensure continuity and progression across the school. Learning within the projects is based upon the acquisition of key skills and learning values.  Our curriculum provides the perfect mix of knowledge, creativity and skills development to promote excellence and enjoyment of learning. We believe that exciting, engaging lessons, adapted individually to each child’s needs are the best way to ensure every child succeeds.

Reading, Writing and Maths are taught daily in our school, ensuring that all children develop the key skills they will need. These skills are then used in other subjects, giving children opportunities to refine, practise and apply their knowledge.  All teachers tailor their lessons carefully to ensure that every child can access the curriculum – whatever their ability – in order to succeed.  Our curriculum will enable each child to not only enjoy their education but also to make progress and achieve.

At St. James’, every child is important and deserves success. We will support and help every child to become the best they can possibly be. We want each child to:

  • Have high expectations of what they can and will achieve
  • Achieve the very best they can
  • Make progress in their learning
  • Have a positive attitude towards their learning
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Be proud of their school and their uniform
  • Be polite, kind and helpful members of the community

But most of all we want them to enjoy school!   At St. James’ we endeavour to achieve all of this, for all our children.


Our team of dedicated staff provide every child with a warm, supportive environment in which to develop and mature.  This begins with our before school Breakfast Club and finishes with a wide range of after school activities run by specialist staff.  In the wider community links have been forged through a variety of offsite educational excursions as well as visitors being welcomed to the school.  Our most important visitors are our parents, who we regularly invite in to spend time with their children, sharing in their academic achievements.

Support and Challenge

We have an in-depth understanding of our individuals’ abilities enabling us to cater for each of their needs, supporting them to become successful learners.  Our children thrive due to our careful planning of the curriculum, ensuring all children are enjoying challenging activities and encouraged to direct their own learning.  Our inclusion team dedicate themselves to promoting confident and independent children through nurturing and matching the needs of the children to their abilities. We enable each child to fulfil his/her potential, within a culture of praise and encouragement.

High Expectations = High Achievement

At St. James’ Church of England Academy we all have high expectations and we feel that by having high expectations of ourselves and each other, we encourage those around us to have high expectations of themselves.  A culture of high expectation leads to the highest achievers as we all thrive to better ourselves.  Children and staff are challenged and supported to get the best possible outcomes.  Children, with the support of their teacher, set themselves goals and targets which they then challenge themselves to meet.

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