Year 1

Update: Monday 18th January

Well done on a great first week of remote learning! … now onto the second!

A reminder that LIVE lessons are scheduled for 10.20am – 11.00am each day. The rest of our remote learning can be found on the assignment timetable on TEAMS.

In maths this week, the children look at subtraction, initially using taking away and crossing out. They then progress to counting back using the number track and number lines, eventually crossing ten. Later in the week we begin to derive fact families from known number bonds (see fact family house below). Check out the learning videos and LIVE maths lessons throughout the week to learn more!Craftiments: Free Printable Fact Family House Worksheet

In English we will learn ‘The Story of Amy Johnson – Little Wings’ by

Faye Beering.Little Wings by F.J. Beerling | Waterstones

The children will learn about question sentences and write questions of their own to find out information.

In shared reading we will be studying ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve


The Stardust Reader: The Queen's Hat by Steve Anthony

We will look to make predictions, learn key vocabulary and discuss information retrieval. On Friday the children also have a short comprehension activity to complete.

In phonics, we continue learning alternate pronunciations for sounds:

‘ie’ – can sometimes be pronounced as ‘ee’ (ch-ie-f)

‘ea’ – can sometimes be pronounced as ‘e’ (b-r-ea-d)

Our project for this half-term is ‘Explorers’ and geography learning and ‘Let’s Explore’ activities will centre around this theme.

The additional home learning ideas that follow could be used to supplement the assignment timetable… however, we would stress that any lessons in the assignment timetable are the priority… and we certainly want to avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed (therefore these suggestions are totally optional):

Home learning:

Reading/ Phonics

If you are wondering how you can provide general support for your child at home, our advice is to hear them read as often as possible: discussing the pictures in the text; predicting what might happen next and recalling events from the story.

Children are also encouraged to practice their word walls. The Year 1 word walls can be found below:

Year 1 Word Wall 5

Year 1 Word Wall 6

Year 1 Word Wall 7

Year 1 world wall 8

Once your child can read all of the Reception and Year 1 word walls, they can progress to practising spelling these words (please email a member of the team to be sent Reception word walls if necessary).

Phonics learning can also be supported with various activities on ‘Phonics Play.’ We recommend ‘Buried Treasure’ and ‘Picnic on Pluto.’ Home log-in details are:

Username: jan21

Password: home

We also have an excellent link to some high quality texts that you may want to consider when choosing children’s books to read or buy!


By the end of Year 1, children are expected to:

  • count forwards and backwards in ones to 100
  • be able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • find one more and one less than a given number up to 100
  • recognise the value of all coins
  • know number bonds (numbers that add together) to total 10 and 20.

These are excellent skills to start practising at home now, although we stress that they will be covered over the course of the school year.


For general KS1 content that will support children in their learning across the curriculum, we recommend ‘Busy Things’ which can be accessed via the link below:

Please continue to bear with us as we learn new technical strategies and, if you can, please make sure that you have read through the guidance that was sent with Mr Payne’s Chronicles. The helpful guide to using Teams is also really useful for knowing how to use this platform.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the LIVE lessons, as well as engaging with as much other learning as you can from the timetable. Remember that we are all in this together so keep in touch, stay calm, be kind and carry on!

Any questions or queries, then please do contact us either on the Year 1 TEAMS chat or via our email – we will do our very best to help!


Best wishes,

Mrs Hurley, Mrs Jacobs & Mr Holland

The Year 1 Team

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