Year 1

Week beginning 27th September

Please could you bring in a labelled painting apron or old shirt that can be kept in school for when we complete art and painting activities.

Another week has flown by! This week, we have created our own dinosaurs (with some very cool names) and found out that dinosaurs came in all different shapes and sizes.

Please come to school every Wednesday in PE kit.

If at home, you have got any complete, safe and good condition toys that are taking up valuable space and you’ve been looking for that excuse to get rid of, we would love your donations. Items that we are particularly looking for are: construction toys eg. Lego, train sets, sand and water toys, cars and magazines eg. Lego and Match.  


Project: Dinosaurs Rock!

Curriculum news:


In English, we are continuing to practise writing sentences describing dinosaurs. We are specifically focusing on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Words of the week

At school, we will be practising to read, write and spell the following words: in, to, on, went, into.


Our Maths learning this week will involve counting one more and one less.


Our whole class reading text this week is The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess. We will be focusing on our predicting skills.


The phonemes we are focusing on this week are alternative sounds for igh: i-e (kite), ie (pie), y (dry).

This half term, our focus in RE is all about creation.


This term, we will continue to be using Tapestry; however, as we are now following the Year 1 curriculum, you may find that you receive less observations as we will be recording more learning within books.


Please complete at least three tasks. Once completed, please ensure they are named and bring them in to share with the class.

My Maths – Homework has now been set on MyMaths. There are two tasks to complete by 29/9. There will be two tasks set fortnightly to complete. We have stuck the password at the front of your child’s reading record. If you have any problems logging in then please speak to one of the adults at the end of the day.


The additional home learning ideas that follow could be used to supplement learning in school… however, we certainly want to avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed (therefore these suggestions are totally optional):

Home learning:

Reading/ Phonics

If you are wondering how you can provide general support for your child at home, our advice is to hear them read as often as possible: discussing the pictures in the text; predicting what might happen next and recalling events from the story.

We also have an excellent link to some high quality texts that you may want to consider when choosing children’s books to read or buy!


By the end of Year 1, children are expected to:

  • count forwards and backwards in ones to 100
  • be able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • find one more and one less than a given number up to 100
  • recognise the value of all coins
  • know number bonds (numbers that add together) to total 10 and 20.

These are excellent skills to be practising at home, although we stress that they will be covered over the course of the school year.


For general KS1 content that will support children in their learning across the curriculum, we recommend ‘Busy Things’ which can be accessed via the link below:


Best wishes,

Mr Thomas, Mrs Hurley and Mrs Jacobs

The Year 1 Team

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