Year 4

Remote learning for the week beginning 18th January 2021 

Hello, Year 4! 

Welcome back to another exciting week of virtual learning. We hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready for this week’s remote learning. We are looking forward to all the fantastic works we will receive from you all.

Maths and English 

In Maths, we will be looking at division; we will start by spending some time recapping dividing 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. This will focus on sharing and grouping methods. We will then be moving onto 3-digit numbers at the end of the week. 

In English, we start the week by looking main and subordinate clauses. Then we will be looking at the features of a formal letter and writing a persuasive formal letter to the MP regarding plastic pollution in our local community. 



Here are the year 4 spellings for this week, please focus on week 17. 








Year 4 spelling list 

Every Friday, the children will be tested on their spellings for the week. Please encourage your children to practise these and test them weekly. 


Other curriculum news 

In REwe will be focusing on the difference and the similarities between Judaism and Christianity. 

In Science, we will be continuing with our ‘living things’ topic with focus on animal habitats.  

In Geography, we will be learning about Biomes an describing the different biomes  


As always, please encourage your children to continue practising their spellings and timestables. We have also set work on MyMaths (Short multiplication and more short multiplicationto be completed by Sunday 24th January. 

Have fun and keep safe, 

 Mrs. Fakorede and Mrs. Clark  


Additional information: 

  • It’s been really encouraging to see lots of you join the live lessons and hand in finished works to your teacher.  Keep up the good work. 


  • Thank you to everyone who has joined was able to join our Year group Assembly this afternoon. It was great to see every one of you! The assembly will continue to be held every Friday at 2:30p.m. The invite will be sent on a Thursday but if for any reason you don’t receive an invite, please click on the calendar tab- it should be there and it’ll give you the option to join. 



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