Year 5


We made it! FIrstly, thank you all for the very generous and kind gifts we have received as a staff at the end of this somewhat challenging adventure of a year. Every gift is much appreciated from the beautiful flowers to homemade cookies and chocolates to vouchers and lovely mugs and everything in between! Thank you.

Thank you too for all of your effort and support this year – we are so proud of all of our pupils and all that they have achieved despite an ever changing world around them. Team 5 has been awesome and we hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as we have.

Please do take some time to read a book or three over the summer – remember the library Summer reading challenge – and perhaps do a few family maths and spelling quizzes just to keep your minds ticking over. Or have a go at the TTRockstars battle – it’s not too late to win one last one! Other than that, we hope you will enjoy getting out and about and seeing the wonders in our local area and beyond and that you can have some much needed fun with your friends and family.

Have fun, stay safe and see you in September!

Mrs Dodd and Miss Cutler.




Attached are some recommended books for Year 5: Book List

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