Year 5


We have had a great week this week, everyone has been working so hard and we have completed our assessments and have been really pleased with the resilience and determination the children have shown during these tests and independent writing. Well done team!


Maths and English

In Maths, we have continued learning about decimals and converting them to percentages. We will also be introducing some more problem solving and reasoning opportunities.

In English, we will be finishing off our Greek project with a blast! We will be investigating the census and what this is to Ancient Greeks as well as what this is to us today. We will be reading the next few chapters of our class book…

Keep working on spellings from the following lists, even now being back in school, it’s still important to develop the knowledge of our spellings:



Attached are also some recommended books for Year 5: Book List
Other Curriculum:

In our  ‘Here come the Groovy Greeks’ project this week  we will be perfecting our levers and linkage to create simple puppets to use with our Greek Myth scripts. Our RE focus continues to be What kind of King was Jesus and thinking about the Kingdom of God as we approach Easter.

Please remember to return any reading books that pupils have had during Lockdown so they can be quarantined and a reminder that children need to have an ongoing reading book which can be brought to and from school until it is returned to the quarantine box when it is finished. It’s really important that children are continuing to read at home and at school as much as they can.

Important Information:

Monday 29th March – Parents’ Evening – online – 3.30 – 6.30pm

Wednesday 31st March – Parents’ Evening online – 4.30 – 7.30pm

Thursday 1st April – end of term – break up at lunchtime


Thank you for your continued support.

Look after yourselves and all those around you.
Take care,
Miss Cutler and Mrs Dodd

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