Year 6

Week Beginning 20.9.21

We’ve had another fantastic week in year 6 with all children settling into their new routines. One of the highlights was having a visitor to the school – Mr Jewell – for our whole school worship. All the children really enjoyed his story about hope and his adventure in America. Mr Jewell really encouraged our children to think about their goals and to be resilient when faced with obstacles.  Remember we are all on this ‘log flume’ together and we are there for each other!


In English last week, we started to design our own traction cities based around the story of Mortal Engines and describing them using figurative language. We have focused on key features such as personification and metaphors.

This week we will be looking at persuasive writing to start to plan our very own persuasive speech. We will be watching some inspirational speeches and picking apart their key features including hyperboles and the power of three.

Mortal Engines will continue.. we ended last week with two main characters being thrown out of London and left in a post-apocalyptic landscape so we are looking forward to finding out what happens next!


In Maths, we have learned about inverse operations and long multiplication and we are moving on to look at multi-step problems and division. We are doing lots of mini arithmetic and reasoning challenges both within the lessons and after lunch break so that we get used to working quickly, efficiently and to the very best of our abilities. We are encouraging children to start with the questions they do know and then come back to the ones they need to think about.


In our project work we will be continuing to examine micro organisms and classification in science and continuing with our learning on sketching techniques in art- we are planning to use charcoal to see the impact different mediums. In RE, we are exploring Gospel and the concepts of love, hope and forgiveness. Our ICT unit is coding and children are really enjoying creating their own text-based adventures.

Other news

  • PPA Days – PPA Days will be every other Friday and children should come in in their PE kits. The next PPA day is Friday 8th October.
  • PE every Friday – We will be teaching indoor PE on the non-PPA Fridays, so children should wear their PE kits every Friday.
  • Project overview and Project homework – Topic overviews and homework will resume from this term and you will find these in the related learning section of this area.
  • MyMaths – MyMaths homework is also returning – head to our homework section below for more guidance.
  • MarvellousMe- MarvellousMe updates are returning. Children will be coming home with log on information in this first half term so you can get signed in again so you can receive the updates from teachers. MarvellousMe notifications will keep you up to date with targets children have been given in Feedback5 sessions.
  • Reading books -we would like to remind everyone to have a reading book in school – this can be a school or home book but we expect them to be read and experienced so that we can share recommendations and reviews of what we have read and really enhance our reading skills. We are displaying books that we’ve read in the classroom to get children talking about the stories they love and to inspire others to try new titles.


  • Project homework

Please find the project homework guidance in the related learning section below in week two. These should be completed by the date given date in the document and each child should aim to complete at least three activities. There is a wide range of activities available, some creative, some adventurous, some short and some long. Please try to pick a range of activities from different boxes, if you can!

  • MyMaths

Each child has been given their log ins now, which they should aim to keep safe so they can log in each week to complete their work.

Each child will find all their MyMaths activities for all of Autumn 1 in their account from week 2. Each week they will be learning maths in school and then the following week they will complete the MyMaths activity linking to that topic so as to consolidate their learning and give them a chance to use the skills they have been taught independently.

This week children should complete the activity linking to:

    • Multiplication

Previous learning:

    • Number and Place Value
    • Addition and Subtraction

If children are finding the activities too easy or too hard, feel free to let us know and we can adapt the activities.

  • Spellings

This week’s spellings to learn are:

    • according
    • conscience
    • existence
    • mischievous
    • relevant

Previous spellings to learn were:

    • accompany
    • competition
    • excellent
    • marvellous
    • recommend

A document with all the Year 5 and 6 spellings can be found in the related learning section below. There will not be formal spelling tests – but we would love to see these being correctly used in their work during the year.

Please do not panic about any of the above. We will be rolling out homework, MarvellousMe, MyMaths etc. gradually during the first term and we are here to help with any issues with accounts and logons.

As always, if you need any help, just catch any of us on the gate at the end of the day and we will be happy to help!

See you all on Monday!

Mrs Dodd, Miss Martin and Mr Rockstar



Below are some resources you can use for optional additional activities if you so wish:

English reading activities

English reading activities should consist of reading an extract or short story and answering questions. Guidance here:



Your username and password are in the password pack you received from school.


  • A mountain of the world
  • A mountain range of the world
  • Comprehension quiz for ‘How to Train your Dragon’
  • Extract from Alex Rider Mission 1: Storm Breaker
  • Extract from ‘Arthur High King of Britain’
  • Extract from ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’
  • Extract from ‘Young, Gifted and Black”


  • What are facts and opinions?
  • What does an author do?
  • What is inference?


  • All activities through this link


  • All activities through this link


SPaG – Spelling punctuation and grammar activities

  1. SPaG exam questions



Your username and password are in the password pack you received from school.

  • Apostrophes – Demo 1
  • Apostrophes – Demo 2
  • Homophone magic
  • Is it a noun?


  • You should be able to sign up for free and get some free questions.


  1. Glossary of Grammar terminology


  1. Grammar and punctuation information– click to be taken to the document


6. Year 5/6 spelling list – Y5 and 6 spelling list



Remember, MyMaths tasks will be set each week as identified in the weekly web update.  Please ensure that you do the tasks set for the week.  Remember, you also have access to Timetables Rockstars, too.

Remember, the Maths exam is split into three; one arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers.  The arithmetic paper is more calculation based, whereas the reasoning focuses more on the application of these skills.


Arithmetic – weekly arithmetic practise, very much in the style of the Year 6 tests. – arithmetic practise; select how many questions you want to try.


Daily arithmetic can be downloaded here:  1-4 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-26 27-30 31-34 5-8 9-12.


Reasoning – List of the different style of reasoning/problem solving questions. – access to a range of free papers in a very similar style to the tests. – Reasoning quick tests – Downloadable reasoning style questions, along with a brilliant explanation of what reasoning actually is. – excellent reasoning resource. You need to sign up for free, but then the download is also free.

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