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Sunshine Room

Our Sunshine room has been set up as a welcoming space for children to use if they need to regulate outside of the classroom throughout the school day but runs as a nurture group in the afternoon. Our nurture group supports children with social, emotional and mental health needs and supports the children with a different theme each week. We use zones of regulation to support children with emotional understanding and often create personalised zones of regulation to help children understand what strategies they can use to help them to regulate if they are feeling a particular emotion. Our nurture room has had a positive impact on our children who have now integrated back into class having taken part in our nurture intervention for a period of time because they have learnt how to regulate their own emotions and interact appropriately with others. 

Children in the Sunshine nurture group can often be found creating pieces of art, dressing up, role playing, building, baking, playing games, engaging in sensory play or even making and eating toast!