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School Uniform

School Uniform is compulsory for all pupils attending the school.  We are proud of our uniform and our aim is that it should be smart, practical, affordable and distinctive. Uniform can be purchased from several outlets – as detailed in this policy.

In deciding the uniform the following factors have been taken into account:

  1. The smartness and appearance of the uniform.
  2. Our school identity
  3. Limiting the requirements of what is acceptable to ensure that the uniform is “uniform”.
  4. The affordable cost of the uniform to parents.
  5. The quality and value for money of the uniform.
  6. The provision of a uniform that is easy for parents to purchase.
  7. The safety, health and comfort of children wearing it.
  8. The provision of a uniform which offers equality of opportunity to all pupils and is inclusive.
  9. The need to provide the older children in the school with some elements of uniform which more closely reflects their maturity.
  10. Our duties under the Equality Act 2010


Our school has a duty to make sure that the uniform we require is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform.

We understand that items with distinctive characteristics (such as branded items, or items that have to have a school logo or a unique style) can be more expensive and should be kept to a minimum. We also understand that pupils and parents value having a school identity and that uniform is part of who we are in the community.

 Our school’s uniform


Most items are available from:

148-150 Seabourne Rd, Southbourne

And many items are available from a number of high street retailers including, but not limited to,M&S, Asda or Primark

Winter Uniform

                                   Winter uniform                                                                                                                                              

  • White long or short sleeved blouse or shirt
  • Green St. James' school tie available from Stevensons
  • Courtelle bottle green V- neck St. James' jumper or cardigan available from Https://
  • Bottle green pinafore dress (Reception - Year 4)
  • Bottle green skirt (for Year 5 and Year 6 only (Short netball type skirts are not acceptable)) or traditional styled grey trousers or shorts
  • Long or short white or grey socks (trainer socks are not acceptable) or tights in grey or bottle green
  • Warm practical waterproof coat or anorak, preferably in a single dark colour – no logos
  • Black sturdy practical school shoes (boots, trainers or high–heeled shoes are not permitted)
  • Optional warm practical hat – no logos

Summer Uniform


  • White buttoned polo shirt (with the school logo) available from Stevensons or other retailers without the logo or white rever collar blouse
  • Courtelle bottle green V- neck St. James' jumper or cardigan
  • Short grey traditional styled school trousers (for Reception – Year 4)
  • Long or short grey traditional styled school trousers (for Year 5 and Year 6)
  • Practical waterproof coat or anorak – no logos
  • Black sturdy practical school shoes or black, dark brown or navy close-toed sandals (boots, trainers or high-heeled shoes are not permitted)
  • Optional sun hat – no logos

Summer Dresses

The governors are very aware that some school summer dresses are very expensive. We have therefore reviewed various alternative designs and suppliers. The decision has now been made to continue with a green striped dress but from a choice of two different suppliers as follows:

  1. The green striped dress from M & S.
  2. The current dress from Stevensons of Southbourne.

Parents are welcome to use other suppliers of green striped dresses or to make homemade dresses.


P.E. and Games Kit

  • Yellow buttoned polo shirt (with or without the school logo)
  • Emerald green shorts available from Stevensons
  • White, grey or green socks as appropriate for PE and games.
  • Shin guards are required for those pupils in KS2 playing in extra-curricular school teams.
  • Jogging kit for outdoor PE – consisting of a bottle green top and any dark coloured jogging bottoms.
  • Black slip–on plimsolls or. Sports trainers for outdoor PE.



Hair and Hair Ornaments

For neatness, health and hygiene:

  • Long hair is to be worn tied back.
  • No fancy hair ornaments are permitted.
  • Hair slides or bands should be brown, black or school colours (green and gold not vibrant colours.)
  • No hair gel or hair colourings may be worn.





No items of jewellery are permitted other than a single small stud earring in each ear.

Earrings should be removed or taped over by the child on PE days for safety.

The school and its members of staff will not take responsibility for the loss of earrings or any injury sustained as a result of the wearing of earrings.

Watches may be worn provided they are clearly named. They must be removed for PE and games and no responsibility can be taken for them.

Smart watches are not permitted if they have access to the internet

No make-up, nail varnish or other body decorations or piercings may be worn.




Green school book bags or backpacks can be used for carrying school books to and from home. These are available from Stevensons


Non–Uniform Days (Mufti)

From time to time there are Mufti days usually to raise money for charities or school funds. On these days the children may wear what they like, or what parents wish them to wear as long as the garments worn are safe and practical for school purposes. Children may wear mufti on these days whether or not a donation to the charity is made.


Where to purchase it:

Items which are specific to the school and have the school logo are available from :

148-150 Seabourne Rd
These include, but are not limited to, jumpers, pinafores, skirts ties, PE Kit and bags with logos.

Striped dresses, shirts and trousers can be purchased from M&S

Trousers, shorts, skirts, pinafores, t-shirts and suitable PE trousers can be purchased from a range of high street retailers.

The PSA also operate a second-hand uniform exchange in school where items can be purchased at a significantly reduced rate. All money raised goes to PSA funds and the PSA are always happy to receive outgrown items which have been washed and are suitable for sale.