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Furniture on strike in Year 3!

Over the last week in Year 3, we have been exploring the poem 'Green Candles' by Humbert Wolfe. Within this poem, the furniture comes to life and discusses whether to let the little girl into the room.



After analysing this poem, Year 3 walked into a big surprise from their own classroom furniture! In our writing lesson, we explored how our furniture might be feeling and what it would say to us if it could. To get back our furniture, we decided to write a poem in the style of Humbert Wolfe. 

Here are a few quotes from the children's English books:

  • "Ouch! Stop immediately!" bellowed the huge carpet."Your heavy footsteps hurt!"
  • "Don't let them in!" complained the chair. "I don't want to get sat on again."
  • "I think they're sweet," chuckled the interactive whiteboard. "They always look and admire me."
  • "Don't let them in! They always mess me up!" the book corner screamed.

After the children returned from breaktime, all was forgiven and our furniture was back. However,  we have noticed that the children have taken much more care in looking after their classroom since our exciting morning.