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Our Year 6 Sporting Stars!

Our Year 6 Sporting Stars!

This week, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their PE lesson!  Over the course of the past few weeks, we have been learning about sequences in gymnastics.  

This has been taught through looking at the key shapes in gymnastics and the ways in which we can travel (or 'transition') between shapes.  Fascinatingly, we have been watching some brilliant Olympian gymnasts in class prior to each lesson and we can even see these shapes being used all the time in their routines.

Our first few lessons focused on floor work, where we built up to producing 5 shape sequences on mats.  This has included some detailed peer coaching and feedback, where we have supported one another to improve based on our success criteria.  This week, we contextualised this knowledge by using apparatus to enhance our sequences.  It was wonderful to see how much enjoyment this brought and seeing the children use their learning in different ways.  They also showed excellent agility, balance and coordination - three crucial skills to be a successful gymnast.  In the photos in our year group gallery, you can see their brilliant work!

Further to this, our school cross country club have been particularly blessed over the past couple of weeks.  During our weekly runs, we have been fortunate enough to meet some AFC Bournemouth players, who have been leaving the training ground as we have been running.  The players have been so kind coming over to speak to the children and having pictures taken with them.  In fact, in our gallery you can see the children meeting Darren Randalph, Lewis Cook and Ryan Christie!  As you can see, Mr Slattery and Mr Parsons were just as excited as the children!

St. James' prides itself on the sporting opportunities we provide and it is wonderful to see so many children getting such joy out of sport.